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How to keep your community engaged

How to keep your community engaged

How to Keep Your Community Engaged

Individuals commonly associate Email with professional relationships and business related tasks. Consequently, we avoid checking our emails outside work hours in an effort to wind down after a long day or week. This means emails relating to social groups are easily lost, overlooked or forgotten. Surveys have shown that correspondents are more inclined to build a friendly relationship when messaging rather than emailing. Fostering friendly relationships within your sporting and fitness community encourages participation due to the benefits of comradery. Messaging also creates a sense of urgency - whereas email is commonly seen as information that can be responded to at a later date. As an organiser you need individuals to respond quickly in order to coordinate training sessions, matches, competitions and events. But I’m sure we can all admit - it is a tentative task to give out your personal mobile number, especially to people you don’t know very well. With TryThis, you are able to reap the benefits of regular messaging – without having to give away your personal details! TryThis lets you skip the tedious and invasive task of adding your teammates on social media or giving away your phone number. With TryThis - organisers simply ‘start a group’ which participants then ‘join’ and are immediately added to the messaging group. 

TryThis helps you better engage your sporting and fitness community as it provides a happy medium between email and messaging. Organisers and participants reap the benefits of messaging apps yet they do not have to give out any personal information. TryThis also provides the convenience of aggregating all of your social sporting needs into one app. With TryThis you’ll know exactly where to find the details of your next match, training session or sporting event. No more searching through various messaging groups, social media platforms and emil trails to find this info. TryThis will make you feel in control of your sporting life and your sporting community - therefore promoting participation and engagement. This ease of access will reduce the stress associated with group sport participation - especially when individuals participate in multiple sport and fitness groups. 

Individuals have become increasingly sport and fitness oriented over the years. However, the organisational tools to support this trend are largely nonexistent. TryThis is tapping into a new market, where individuals are finally able to manage their sporting life or their sporting community. We use various social and task based apps to manage our social and work life - so why shouldn’t we manage our sporting life the same way? With our easy-to-use interface, TryThis allows you to efficiently and effectively organise, schedule and engage with your sporting community. At TryThis we understand that coordinating group sporting and fitness activities can be stressful. We have made it as easy as possible for team leaders as well as participants to manage, organise, and engage their community. All of the tools you need to connect with your sporting and fitness community - in one app. Engage your sporting community and TryThis today.